Life at Home Orchard

Home Orchard comprises of four residential properties that are all within a short distance from each other:

Palace Farm (3 Residents)
Sunset Cottage (5 Residents)
Summer Cottage (2 residents)
Lynwood (3 Residents)

The home offers a choice of thirteen good sized bedrooms all with private bathrooms. You will be issued with a key so that you can lock your bedroom door. You may choose your own colour scheme for your bedroom, following the successful completion of an 8-week probation period. All bedrooms have T.V. points. The furnishings in your room will be your own as far as possible. Spacious communal sitting rooms are provided in each house and have digital TV and DVD players. You will have access to a cordless telephone so that you can make calls in your room in private.

Home Orchard aims to enable people who use the service to maximise their own desired level of independence and to be involved with doing housework and daily chores, as far as is possible. You will be given the opportunity to get involved in the preparation and cooking of meals of your choice. At Home Orchard, we find that motivation is very important and that completion of tasks often creates a real sense of self-worth and satisfaction. As well as tasks inside the home, you will have the opportunity to look after your outside spaces. However, we are always aware that the level of participation in these tasks may vary from person to person. Our ethos is very much based on enabling people to be as self-managing as possible.

At Home Orchard, there is also a smallholding which you can choose to access and take part in animal care, horse care and stable management. We also have a large vegetable garden and the produce is consumed within the houses. A workshop area offers activities such as Woodwork and Mechanics.

Family, friends and visitors are welcome to visit at any time.

Palace Farm

Sunset Cottage

Summer Cottage


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